We are convinced that if you know just 10-15 exercises and games from our books, you will become a better, happier and more inspiring teacher.
Then you have some good resources and frameworks for breaking the ice between people, creating good group dynamics and the possibilities for more variation in one’s teaching.

Together we have written 2 books, published by ourselves and available in 4 different languages. But really, what we love most, is being with others to do and learn the exercises. We love to teach and have spent the last 10 years doing hundreds of workshops and courses in exactly icebreakers.

It gives us a unique opportunity to explain and share the experiences we have gained in our work with all these games and exercises. We always adapt and shape the exercises and games to the people we are with, because we believe that icebreakers is organic and can, and should, be changed so it always suit the target audience. Whether it is a undergrad class, a group of Chinese business leaders or a really big choir, the basic elements are the same and is adapted to the individual group.